October 31st: STUMEET@ Alte Kaserne, STUEAT @ Kennedy’s Irish Pub

October 24, 2015 Nora Jurkschat Bar, Club Tags: , 0 Comments

Dear fellow students. Join us at this incredible Halloween Party at Alte Kaserne, with special guest Taylor Cruz and Alessandro Lesz!

We’ll start the night at Kennedy’s Irish Pub, with some delicious homemade food and tasting a range of international beers.

Then we’ll move on to the “Alte Kaserne”  Purplemoon Halloweenparty to have a scary partynight!

Getting to Kennedy’s Irish pub from HB: Bus 31 until Kanonengasse
Getting to Alte Kaserne from HB: Bus 31 until Kanonengasse, Tram 14 until Zürich Stauffacher

Join us and spend a unforgettable Halloween night meeting other students!

Special tip: If you disguise yourself, you’ll only pay 20 instead of 25 francs!


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