December 3th: STUMEET @ Save the Vinyl, Amboss Rampe (Bar)

November 27, 2015 Marvin Mühlethaler Bar Tags: , , 0 Comments

Once again the Bar Amboss Rampe (Zollstrasse 80) delivers a classic format which you should not miss, “save the vinyl” with open format music.

To start smoothly into the Christmas season we suggest for the first week of December the Bar Amboss Rampe.

It’s nice interior will get you in the mood for some nice Cocktails as you listen to some open Format Music.

Local or not, don’t forget to drink at least one Amboss Beer! 😉

Doors will open from 9 pm.

A short walk from Zürich Hauptbahnhof: How to get to Amboss Rampe


If you want to eat something before, we suggest the restaurant “Eisenhof” nereby the Amboss Rampe (Gasometerstrasse 20).
They are specialized on filet from the hot stone, giving you the choice between some Beef, US Ribeye and more to combine with some fries and a variety of sauces.


Let’s try it out!

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