December 5th: STUMEET @ “Eisfeld Polyterasse”

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For those students who haven’t already heard about it: There is an  ice field Polyterasse ETH (Rämistrasse 101, ETH) for all students who want to “break the ice” of the evening (or the day) by skating around with some fellow students and friends. It is opened every day between 10 and 22 o’clock, so why not giving the winter a “warm” welcome and have a little fun on the ice?!

Here’s some tips and tricks for you how to learn ice-skating in 11 steps.  But most imortant:

  • Don’t panic, although you want to fall down on your bottom 😉
  • Keep your body moving to the sides synchronizing with your feet, this will provide you from falling rearwards
  • Make a slow start and don’t try to play Superman on ice
  • Put on some thick socks, they will keep you warm (although your feet might smell a little afterwards, but better stinky than cold!)


Our special tip: If you’re hungry after the first few moves on ice or want to gain some energy before putting your feet on it you should try out the delicious brunch just next to the field. You can make your reservation diretly via email under  The whole big brunch with its broad offers is just 32 francs, so let’s go for an energy boost before skating!


Or why not going to have a cool beer at the BQM besides the Ice field after some evening-skating? Let’s enjoy this special winter day all together with a student-targeted program!


Wishing you all a nice winter start!

Your STUNET Team

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