Searching for memorable nights while meeting other students in Zurich? Then you are rightfully here with Stunet’s weekly outing suggestions!
Stunet will be informing you of the trendiest parties taking place on Thursday and Saturday nights and provide you additionally a nearby gastro suggestion to begin the evening with your fellow students and to make
 new connections. 

Stunet will organize your evening from transport to dinner to partying. Join us at our suggested STUMEETS and STUEATS!

Your STUNET Team

Our Mission

We want to provide you all the best STUMEET and STUEAT suggestions for Thursday and Saturday nights, to build up a student network. Let’s join together and create the largest STUNET ever!

Our Philosophy

Study hard, but don’t forget to party!



We are four students from the University of Zurich, currently attending the same seminar through which this project emerged.

Being a young and multicultural team, our aim is to provide the most creative suggestions, perfectly meeting the needs of a student.

Marvin MühlethalerThe incredible Hulk

I am currently finishing my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. During the four years of my studies I was working in many bars and clubs, as well as on special events, which has taught me what to look for in a restaurant or bar. Besides work and my studies I practice a lot of sports, so you might see me at ASVZ. Follow the latest posts for the best tips on where to go. ;-)

Matt FreindThe australian optimist

Nora JurkschatThe creative team clown

I am a currently studying science of communication and business administration at the University of Zurich. I love being creative, so in my freetime I do a lot of drawing while listening to inspirational music. My favorite place in Zurich is Bellevue with all its beauty. I always enjoy this special atmosphere. If I could request my personal ideal event combination in Zurich, it would be dinner @ Loft Five, with it its special food offers (especially the tasty meat) and the unique arrangement, and afterwards a big party @ Aura Club. I hope this little description has been helpful for you to know a few personality facts about me. Enjoy our weekly STUNET-Post!

Fabienne KohlerThe organized superwoman

Student in communication and media science with a minor in business administration. Working, living and studying in Zurich I am really looking forward to share my restaurant advices and party hot spots with you. One of my favorite restaurants in Zurich is Bebek at Kalkbreite where they serve delicious oriental mezzeh! Have fun trying out our suggestions and give us your opinion. I would love to hear from you :-)