On this timeline you can find all our past events in chronological order as well as the upcoming events for the next weeks.

Events December

December 19th: STUMEET @ “Sanapa”

Dear STUNET Followers

Here’s some special suggestion for you to enjoy on the 19th December: “Sanapa liebt dich” at the Valmanns Club/Bar (Talstrasse 58, Zürich).


This will be the last time of the “Sanapa” Saturdayafternoon-Party in 2015, so let’s end the year with great music, tasteful drinks and the unic Sanapa-Christmas-Feeling!

The entry will be for FREE (no guestlist), so it perfectly fits for a student-like partytime. You can make your table or lounge reservations under www.sanapa.ch.
Up to 15.00 you can join this special event.

The Sanapa Afternoonparties were first organized in 2009, inspired from the tipical New York afternoon parties.
At first it wasn’t such a big deal, it was new, not so well known and not so good visited. But now it has emerged into the ultimative Zurich-tip for saturday afternoons.

So just try it out and experience the wonder of Sanapa!


December 17th: STUMEET @ Kanzlei Club Zürich

Dear STUNET followers, our suggestions have taken you to some of the best Clubs and Bars in and around Zürich…but this one is not to be missed.

With more than 20 years of existence the Kanzlei Club is one of the oldest Clubs in Zürich. Where there used to be a gym hall, there is now one of the hottest Clubs in Zürich, one you can’t miss, especially if you are into Hip Hop and R&B.

This week’s suggestion will lead you there. As it is a student’s party, the event will be free to all students. If you bring any non student friends with you, cover will be just 10.-, so don’t miss out on this one!

Music will be provided by Dj Malony and Dj Enzout. As mentioned strictly Hip Hop and Dancehall on this one.. 😉

So first things first, if you don’t plan on drinking any alcoholic beverages this coming Thursday; good! stick to that plan! If not however…

…herer is one of my personal favorite drinks: the Whiskey sour, give it a try!


But be sure to let me know how you like it!

Now for all of you who still don’t know the city you are or should be living in, how to get to Kanzlei.

If you want to find out anything about the club ahead, reservations for a lounge etc. here you go.

December 12th: STUMEET @ “Weihnachtsmarkt am Sächsilüteplatz”


As promised this week’s Suggestion will contain a Special treat for the loyal followers…As this week’s Suggestion leads you to the “Sächsilüteplatz”, you’ll discover many Food shacks where you can discover exotic specialties as well as local Foods at the Christmas market.

For the active ones there is even an ice Skating rink where nice Music is provided. Meanwhile Animators such as Santas on Harley Davidsons will cheer the crowd.

But back to the Food and the treat. The first Person to get to the Raclette Burger shack where I’ll be working will get a free Raclette Burger from me (15CHF of value). Don’t miss out on this Chance!


But even if you do, you can still discover all the other delicious Foods, the Christmas is well worth a visit!

From the mainstation “Sächsilüteplatz” is pretty easy to reach, just follow this instruction: directions.

As for the STUMEET this week’s Suggestion leads you to the nearby Cinema Corso, you haven’t seen the new James Bond movie Spectre?! Go watch it! Here’s the Trailer to the movie, enjoy!

December 10th: Stumeet @ Clouds

Hey there! This week’s suggestion is the sky-high bar Clouds located in the top floor of the Prime Tower. Enjoy the view, sit back and relax. As the semester is slowly but surely coming to its’ end, we stick to a more calm event this week.

Take a break from your studying and enjoy the more quiet night life of Zürich’s classy bars. The food, as well as the drinks, are out of this world especially the Cloud’s Gin (which can by the way be purchased here).

Simply make your reservation for two or more people here for the 10th.

How to get to this amazing bar? Well we got you all covered…there you go.

If you don’t have time to go out this close to the exams, with Christmas coming up etc. take these few tips on how to study more effectively, especially the last one! 😉


  1. Walk before an exam (activates your brain).
  2. Take notes and pay attention in class.
  3. Speak loud instead of simple reading.
  4. Take breaks and reward yourself!

So go study hard!

A little hint for the post of December 12th, there will be a tread for loyal followers….

December 5th: STUMEET @ “Eisfeld Polyterasse”

For those students who haven’t alreay heard about it: There is an  ice field Polyterasse ETH (Rämistrasse 101, ETH) for all students who want to “break the ice” of the evening (or the day) by skating around with some fellow students and friends. It is opened every day between 10 and 22 o’clock, so why not giving the winter a “warm” welcome and have a little fun on the ice?!

Here’s some tips and tricks for you how to learn ice-skating in 11 steps.  But most imortant:

  • Don’t panic, although you want to fall down on your bottom 😉
  • Keep your body moving to the sides synchronizing with your feet, this will provide you from falling rearwards
  • Make a slow start and don’t try to play Superman on ice
  • Put on some thick socks, they will keep you warm (although your feet might smell a little afterwards, but better stinky than cold!)


Our special tip: If you’re hungry after the first few moves on ice or want to gain some energy before putting your feet on it you should try out the delicious brunch just next to the field. You can make your reservation diretly via email under catering.polyterrasse@sv-group.ch.  The whole big brunch with its broad offers is just 32 francs, so let’s go for an energy boost before skating!


Or why not going to have a cool beer at the BQM besides the Ice field after some evening-skating? Let’s enjoy this special winter day all together with a student-targeted program!


Wishing you all a nice winter start!

Your STUNET Team

December 3rd: STUMEET @ Save the Vinyl, Amboss Rampe (Bar)

Once again the Bar Amboss Rampe (Zollstrasse 80) delivers a classic format which you should not miss, “save the vinyl” with open format music.
To start smoothly into the Christmas season we suggest for the first week of December the Bar Amboss Rampe.

It’s nice interior will get you in the mood for some nice Cocktails as you listen to some open Format Music.


Local or not, don’t forget to drink at least one Amboss Beer! 😉

Doors will open from 9 pm.

A short walk from Zürich Hauptbahnhof: How to get to Amboss Rampe


If you want to eat something before, we suggest the restaurant “Eisenhof” nereby the Amboss Rampe (Gasometerstrasse 20).
They are specialized on filet from the hot stone, giving you the choice between some Beef, US Ribeye and more to combine with some fries and a variety of sauces.


Let’s try it out!

Events November

November 28th : STUMEET @ Polyball – Weltenbummler

Dear Students from UZH, ETH and other Polyball fans: On the 28th November the Polyball 2015 is taking place at ETH (Rämistrasse 101). At 19 o’clock they will open the prom and you can start enjoying this unforgettable and dreamlike night.

To help you prepare for one of the greatest student events in 2015, we’ll provide you some worth knowing information so you can get ready for this special evening!


How to dance?

Want to enjoy this wonderful night with you partner or friend, but you have no idea how to dance? Want to learn some of the essential dancing steps to impress your lady or boy or to stand out as the best couple? Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you:

TQ (Tanzquotient Zürich) is gving a Crash-Course on Monday 23rd to get ready for your dancing shoes, and it is for free! Just come to the Alumni Pavillon (GEP). The course wil start at 20.30 and will be finished at 22.00. You can come alone or with your partner and learn about the most important dancing steps for the “Polyball-Standard-Dances”.
TQ will make a real dancer our of you!

Recommended dresscode for the course: Comfortable clothes, possibly your Polyball-Shoes to already get the real feeling for the Polyball  😉


Knigge: How to be a Gentleman?

A real Gentleman knows much more than simple dancing steps. He has to know how to ask a lady for a dance, how to behave within and after the dance, and more… Here’s some advice for you:

  • Show some “Charme”: Smoking and having the hands in your pockets may be cool, but it is not the way you ask a lady for a dance. A Gentleman must be much more than just Daddy-Cool!
  • Head to the left side: When dancing with your lady you should have your head looking to the left side, and she should have hers inclined to the right side. One reason is, that like this both can perfectly see one side of the room and you won’t crash into other dancing couples, another reason is: Your breath shouldn’t surge into the face of your partner (This is a general advice, but also good to know for people with bad breath)
  • When the lady accidentally steps on your feet: You should take the blame on you and tell her that it was your fault. Real Gentleman always make her lady feel good.
  • You shouldn’t talk while dancing: There are lots of other moments to do so, put your attention on your feet and on your partner, stay focused and enjoy the special moment.


To know more: “Tanz Knigge” by Christoph Sauer (Gentleman Blog)

General Polyball-Info:

  • Dresscode: Elegant evening-dresscode, standard: Evening dress for LADIES, suit or tailcoat for GENTLEMAN.
    People dressed with jeans or sneakers must stay out.
  • Start: 19.00, End: 5.00
  • How to get to ETH:
    – By Tram 6 or 10 from Zürich HB to ETH/Universitätsspital. Special tip Nr. 1: Your ticket for Polyball is also valid as a Ticket for ZVV zone 110, so no need to buy an extra ticket for your Train- and Tram-ride.
    – By car: The parking @ University Irchel is for free up to 18 o’clock, from Irchel a Shuttlebus will bring you safe to the prom and also back to Irchel afterwards.
  • Get your ticket before Polyball: Normal price: 89 CHF, for Students: 59 CHF. Special tip Nr. 2: For whom wants to get a spontaneous ticket on the Polyball evening itself: 5 CHF in addition to the normal price (cashpoint opened till 2.30)

We hope you’re now ready for the best Polyball experience ever!!!
See you there!

Your STUNET-Team

November 26th : STUEAT @ Commihalle & STUMEET @ Science Slam

Hello there STUNET-Followers! Let’s enjoy some delicious homemade noodes at the Commihalle (Stampfenbachstrasse 8) and  an entertaining evening at the 11th Science Slam Zurich (StuZ2, Universitätsstrasse 6).

Commihalle is at Central and easily reachable from HB, whilst it is also very near to the StuZ2, where the Science Slam is taking place. They offer fresh and homemade noodles and you can also taste some flavorful italian food from the italian Buffet à discrétion “Tavolata”. The Commihalle also offers some monthy specialities, just take a look at their homepage!

Commihalle Spaghettiplausch

Then there is the 11th Science Slam taking place nearby ETH and Uni Zürich. Let’s dive into the scientific athmosphere and have a laugh all together enjoying the entertaining and funny Poetry Slams about Science, made by fellow students from ETH and UZH!


If you want to win 1 out of 5 tickets for the Science Slam on the 26th November FOR FREE just write your comment to the contest-post on our Facebook page (click “here”) !


November 21th : STUMEET @ Electro Swing Night, Rote Fabrik

Good music, dance vibes and a fun night!

Don’t miss this great Electro Swing Party at Rote Fabrik. It’s going to be a unforgettable night out! If you arrive already at 20.00 o’clock you get the chance to see three concerts of Swiss bands.

Live in concert are:

If you arrive before 9.30 pm you will enter for free, otherwise the entrance is 15 CHF.


Do you know Electro Swing? This musical genre got popular through international hits like “We no speak Americano” from Yolanda Be Cool or artists as the Austrian Parov Stelar. Swing was the music of the 1930s. Electro swing is the revival of swing combined with electro or house music. The rhythmic swing of the 30s animated people of all classes to dance and so does electro swing! Let’s get crazy to this music and enjoy the party!

How to get to Rote Fabrik from HB: Tram 7 till Post Wollishofen / Train S8 or S24 till Zürich-Wollishofen

Fun Fact: You can even reach Rote Fabrik by ship! Take a ship at Bürkliplatz and hop off in Zürich Wollishofen!


November 19th : STUEAT @ D-Vino & STUMEET @ Nelson Pub

And here goes our suggestion for November 19th! The evening will start with some Tapas and wine at the Bar/Restaurant/Lounge D-Vino and will continue with some party feeling at Nelson Pub Zürich!

Did you know that at D-Vino (Schützengasse 12) you can choose out of some delicious Tapas like meatballs, hummus or dried tomatoes? And if you aren’t such a big Tapas-Fan just try out some of D-Vino’s weekly food specials!

Also you can choose among some real good red or white wine coming form all over the world: Swiss wines, French, Italian, Austrian, Spanish ones…. and even wines from Southafrica!
In addition the prices are very attractive for us students. So let’s try out some multicultural food & wine!


Next Stop: Nelson Pub’s Party „Super Thursday“ with special guest DJ Carlos Riviera! The Party will start at 21 o’clock at Nelson Pub Zürich (Beatengasse 11).
DJ Carlos Riviera will mix some great house and dance music for you and besides you can try out some oft he 40 beers offered at the Pub!

And the best of all… Entry is always free at Nelson Pub!!

Fun Fact: Did you know that all furniture in Nelson Pub Zürich is imported from England? Dive into the authentic english atmosphere.

1st of August Weekend Party (29)


Getting from Hb to D-Vino & Nelson Pub Zürich: 5-7 minutes walk, let’s go by feet!

Let’s spend a special coulinary & partylike evening together!!

November 14th : STUEAT @ Ikoo & STUMEET @ Gonzo

Let’s go to a Japanese noodle soup restaurant next saturday (14th) to taste one of the delicious Ramen!
For those of you who never heard about Ramen; this typical Japanese food consists of wheat noodles and a meat- or fish-based broth flavored with soy sauce or miso, mixed with different types of vegetables and sometimes seaweed. It is a bit of a challenge to eat the soup without any splashes but if you manage to do so, you will feel really proud afterwards and ready for a trip to Japan. Unfortunately Ikoo is a very small restaurant, so we advice you to make a reservation before going there.

author: Opponent
author: Opponent

What else? It’s a good affordable restaurant, prices for ramen range between 20 and 25 CHF and you get tap water for free.

Fun Fact: The restaurant was not so long ago called Ooki, now it’s just the other way round.


Strengthened from dinner let’s go on to our next station. Gonzo Club is reachable in about 10 minutes foot walk. At the “Muskelkaterparty” you can dance all night to the infectious workout and club music of Airobic & Schweissband.

Door opening: 23.00 h


How to get to Ikoo form HB: Tram 14 or 3 till Stauffacher

How to get to Gonzo from HB: Bus Nr. 31 till Militär-/Langstrasse

How to get to Gonzo from Ikoo: by walk

November 12th : STUEAT @ Santa Lucia / STUMEET @ Mascotte

Thursday 12th November the “Silk – This is my night” party is taking place  at club Mascotte. Join the STUNET community to enjoy an unforgettable night!

The STUNET-Evening will start at about 19.00 @ Santa Lucia to have a big Pizza or delicious Spaghetti before moving on to the party @ Macotte  (Theaterstrasse 10).

At Santa Lucia Corso  (Theaterstrasse 10) we’ll enjoy the Italian atmosphere and choosing your dinner out of many italian specialities and tasting some wine form Bindella’s own winery.
If you want to know more about Bindella wines, you can visit the page and read some interesting facts in an article about the “tenuta vallocaia”.

Afterwards we’ll move on to the party at Mascotte Club starting at 22.00 with special guests DJ Headspin (Canada), J. Kaliim & Da Locwilder Hosted by: MC D Law Visuals.

Getting from HB to Santa Lucia and Mascotte: S12 or S16 to Stadelhofen or Tram 4 to Bellevue

Special tip: Free entry plus 1 Prosecco for free for all LADIES btw. 22 and 23 o’clock!


November 7: STUEAT @ Jack & Jo / STUMEET @ Zukunft

Our recommendation for this Saturday’s dinner is a fancy new fast food restaurant in the Europaallee, Jack & Jo! It’s not your typical fast food joint.
Comfortable sofas in blue with the industrial interior design create a nice atmosphere. Their menu is for Zurich’s standards quite exotic. Burgers are served with homemade buns while the veggie range is made with either quinoa or lenses, which are also delicious!

Fun Fact: Jack & Jo calls its restaurant’s genre slow fast food because of their use of fair-trade and regional products.


Jack & Jo Europaallee
Gustav-Gull-Platz 2

After dinner we suggest you move on to Club Zukunft at Dienerstrasse 33, which you can easily reach  by foot in about 5 minutes. Why not celebrate their 10 year anniversary with good music from Berlin by Mano le Tough and others. Entry: 25 CHF

November 5th: STUEAT @ Frau Gerolds Garten & STUMEET @ Hive

Hi STUNET followers. As this was a pretty cold week so far, we recommend this Thursdays STUEAT at Frau Gerolds Garten. Have some Fondue in the cozy Winterstube, sit back relax and enjoy some good wine along with it. A reservation might be adequate, lazy YOU can conveniently do it from you homecomputer till 4:30 pm.

 Frau Gerolds Garten Gastronomie im Winter

As for the STUMEET we suggest after eating that good and heavy, that we can’t walk any longer than 5 minutes…which is not necessary as we recommend HIVE club for some Electro and House tunes.
The event will start from 10 pm so don’t be too late, FREE entry till midnight! ?
Dj’s: Andreas Ramos & Samsaras

Events October

October 31: STUMEET & STUEAT @ Kaserne Club, Purplemoon Halloweenparty


Dear fellow stundets. Join us at this incredible Halloween Party at Kaserne, with special guest Taylor Cruz and Alessandro Lesz!

We’ll start the night at Kennedy’s Irish Pub, with some delicious homemade food and tasting a range of international beers.

Then we’ll move on to “Kaserne Club” to have a scary partynight!

Getting to Kennedy’s Irish pub from HB: Bus 31 until Kanonengasse
Getting to alte Kaserne from HB: Bus 31 until Kanonengasse, Tram 14 until Zürich Stauffacher

Join us and spend a unforgettable Halloween night meeting other students!

October 29: Welcome students to Stunet’s first outing in Langstrasse!!!

Searching for a memorable night while meeting other students in Zürich? Then you are rightfully here with Stunet’s weekly outing suggestions. Stunet will be informing you of the trendiest partys taking place on Thursday and Saturday nights and provide a nearby gastro suggestion to begin the evening together. Stunet will organise your entire evening from dinner, transport to partying. 

Join Stunet next Thursday 29.10.15 at 20:00 at the hipster ‘b.good’ at Langstrasse 211. It is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and have an outing with old friends. ‘b.good’ provides homemade and healthy burgers, that are quickly prepared, at affordable prices. Burgers are custom made to your individual tastes and desires.

Then we’ll be moving on to party at Barekunst’s Thursday Beats Party at Josefstrasse 27, just a 300 m walk from ‘b.good.’ At Barekunst you’ll be pampered in the stylish bar with fine wines and drinks.

Getting to b.good from HB: Tram 13 until Limmatplatz

Getting to Barekunst from HB: Tram 17 until Museum für Gestaltung

Special Fact: All guests receive free tasty delicacies at Barekunst!

Don’t miss the endless night of entertainment and join us!

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